OPUS Pipeline


The Biolingus OPUS platform enables the oral administration of otherwise injectable medicinal products such as the following commercially important peptides:
• Somatostatin analogues,
• LHRH agonists,
• Desmopressin
• Octreotide
• Teriparatide Especially in diabetes and metabolic diseases, there are many important peptides which can benefit from our technology.

The BioLingus Technologies can be applied on the following products :

Type 1 Diabetes
•insulin, or a combination product of for instance insulin and a GLP-1 agonist ;
•low dose oral interleukin-2 (IL-2) to treat onset of type 1 diabetes in children (juvenile diabetes) ; the concept is that diabetes type is an auto-immune disease, and that treatment with low dose IL-2 will be balancing Treg / Teff immune cells, and as such suppressing the auto-immune cause of Type I diabetes ;
•expansion of oral GLP-1 into type 1 Diabetes ;
•sublingual glucagon to replace glucagon rescue pen in case of "hypo".

Type 2 Diabetes
•GLP-1 agonist : note : BioLingus is in discussion with a research company which has discovered an entire library of novel GLP-1 compounds – this partnering company is willing to license this portfolio for oral products to BioLingus ;
•Sublingual glucagon for rescue treatment.

Pre-diabetes and/or obesity
•GLP-1 agonist for obesitas and pre-diabetes.

BioLingus' Technology enables a potential paradigm shift in the in the treatment of diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity