Project Pipeline

Project Pipeline

The following projects are either under consideration or being initiated :


A. Projects owned by BioLingus

•Project A1 - Lead Project (OPUS) : oral GLP-agonist for treatment of diabetes type II ; injectable GLP-1 molecules are selling > 6 B USD
•Project A2 (SLIT) : oral Interferon-Gamma for Leishmaniasis
•Project A3 (SLIT) : oral IL-2 for the treatment of tuberculosis


B. Projects co-owned/co-developed by BioLingus/Partner

•Project B1 (SEED) : sublingual administration of anti-IL23 domain antibody against Crohn's disease and psoriasis – potential sales 1.4 B USD ;
•Project B2 (OPUS/SLIT) : SL administration of anti-TNF-alfa peptide against Rheumatoid Arthritis ; this product would take a market share from Remicade, Enbrel and Humira, which are selling together over 20B USD. Furthermore, an oral version of this product could expand the market to for instance more mild version or RA, which cannot be addressed with the injectable products ;
•Project B3 (OPUS) : sublingual PCSK9-inhibiting peptide, for cholesterol lowering treatment ; 2.5 B USD ;
•Project B4 (SLIT) : low dose interleukin-2 to treat juvenile type-1 diabetes ; no forecast yet ;
•Project B5 (SLIT) : sublingual survivin-peptide vaccine to treat multiple cancers (this is a dentritic cell vaccine) ; no forecast yet ;
•Project B6 (OPUS) : novel GLP-1 agonists
•Project B7 (SLIT) : treatment of peanut allergy with low dose sublingual IL-2


C. Small molecules

•Project C1 : development of a sublingual formulation of cannabis extract (as a food supplement)