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BioLingus is a Swiss biotech company spearheading the development of oral (sublingual) and mucosal delivery of peptides and proteins for chronic diseases and immune-therapies. It is a cutting-edge and mature solution for oral formulations, not only for peptides, but also small molecules, novel protein scaffolds, nucleotides, domain antibodies, vaccines, immunotherapies etc.

Our company focuses the development of our own products on
- treatment of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and inflammatory diseases, and
- mucosal immune-therapies, for instance in cancer, allergy treatments,and auto-immune diseases and development of oral vaccines.

In terms of diabetes, our lead molecule is an oral "biobetter" of exenatide (GLP-1) in type II diabetes. We are also exploring the use of low dose IL-2 for early onset juvenile type I diabetes. Low dose IL-2 in animal models has shown to balance Treg and Teff immune cells to reverse or prevent type I diabetes.  Especially in children, having an oral therapy will make a difference.

Our platform can also improve peptide and protein products by developing new indications (eg. more "mild" indications versus the injectable form) especially for chronic conditions (for instance GLP-1 in obesity and pre-diabetes).

A second area of interest is immune-therapies, as sublingual administration allows for initiating the immune cascade in the buccal area and allows for targeting the lymphatic system directly.

We have some good data with IL-2 immunotherapy in RA, peanut allergy and some cancer models.
Sublingual administration can increase efficacy and/or reduce side-effects compared to administration by injection. Therefore we are interested to develop for instance oral vaccines, or for instance anti-IL23 in RA or psoriasis.

Because of the stability enhancing properties, our technology is also very promising to develop oral biologics and vaccines for third world countries, by :

- Reducing the need for a cold chain
- Preventing the risk of infections due to needle handling (e.g. HIV, HCV)

As such we can "broaden access" for patients in third world countries, which is an important goal for WHO.

Because of the specific properties of our technology, it is applicable to a broad range of molecules, as shown in the diagram below.


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Yves Decadt

Chief Executive Officer (Belgian)

Before co-founding and becoming CEO of BioLingus, Yves has been CEO of Stragen Pharma SA in Geneva Switzerland, and he was VP Business Development at SkyePharma, working from Basel, Switzerland.
Before that, Yves worked 18 years at Johnson and Johnson, in different roles and countries. Yves joined the global business development group of Johnson & Johnson in 2000, in which he covered a broad spectrum of deal types, from early stage discovery deals to late-stage co-promotion deals. Before that he worked with the BD group of Centocor (which was the biologics groups of JNJ at that time), mainly working on the “next generation” of biologics, such as antibody-drug conjugation, alternative expression systems, improved glycosylation patterns in Mabs and novel protein scaffolds.
Prior to working in business development,Yves had different technical/scientific positions at Janssen Pharmaceutica in Belgium.
Yves Decadt holds a Masters Degree in Bio-Engineering, a Masters Degree in industrial Business Admininistration (both from the University of Ghent in Belgium) and a Masters Degree in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Medicine (from the Medical Faculty at the Free Universisty of Brussels). He also followed and executive business program at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Didier Coquoz

Chief Development Officer (Swiss)

PhD in clinical pharmacology and pharmacist, Dr. Coquoz is a 20+ years seasoned pharma R&D executive (VP R&D and CEO) and serial biotech entrepreneur with experience in North America and Europe.
He has been instrumental in the development/regulatory management from drug candidate up to phase III and registration of close to 30 biologics, monoclonal antibodies, peptides, cell-based therapeties, NCEs, of which 4 reached the market world-wide.
He also has an extensive network in the financing and pharma industries.

Tom Ko

Chief Scientific and Techology Officer (Australian)

Thomas SaiYing Ko is co-founder of BioLingus and heads BioLingus Technology Development P.L. in Hong Kong.
He is a pharmaceutical formulation specialist with 35 years of proven technical and commercial success.
He has special skills in systemic delivery of biologically active peptides or protein for the treatment of chronic diseases without injections. He is also inventor of a number of patents.