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BioLingus is a Swiss biotech company spearheading the development of oral (sublingual) and mucosal delivery of peptides and proteins for chronic diseases and immune-therapies. It is a cutting-edge and mature solution for oral formulations, not only for peptides, but also small molecules, novel protein scaffolds, nucleotides, domain antibodies, vaccines, immunotherapies etc.


1. For the second time, BioLingus has been awarded the "GAMECHANGER AWARD" from the ACQ 2017 Global Awards Program.
2. BioLingus wins Best Delivery System Award from the Global Health & Packaging magazine
3. BioLingus CEO Scoops Two Wins in Business Worldwide Magazine Awards.
4. Biolingus article in Business Worldwide Magazine.


MAY 2017

BioLingus has been awarded the "GAMECHANGER AWARD" from ACQ 2017 Global Awards Program.

NOV 2016

The title of Best CEO/Biotechnology Industry 2016 & the Most Innovative CEO of the Year.
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The Cytokine Stabilisation and Slow Release (CSSR) technology is the "mother" of the BioLingus technologies.


Through advanced "bio-engineering", the BioLingus SEED Technology is mimicking what is happening in nature in a plant SEED.


The OPUS (Oral Peptide Utility System) is our technology application to orally (sublingually) or via the mucosum administer peptides which have no immunomodulatory mode of action.


Due to the fact that BioLingus drug administration is sublingual, and the use of a specific carrier molecule in the BioLingus formulation, the BioLingus technology is particularly effective for sublingual immuno therapy.

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

To further exploit the potential of the BioLingus Technology, we are interested in exploring partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies. Aside from pharmaceutical companies, we are also interested in working with animal health companies" (with adjusted formulations) and food companies working on innovative food supplements.

Together we unlock the potential of the BioLingus Technology, and thus transform current standard practices in the administration of peptides and proteins.


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